Google Ads Extensions - 8 Ways Google Ads Extension Can Improve Your Google Ad Campaign -->

Google Ads Extensions - 8 Ways Google Ads Extension Can Improve Your Google Ad Campaign

Google Ads Extensions - 8 Ways Google Ads Extension Can Improve Your Google Ad Campaign

What are Google Ads extensions?

Google Ads extension expands your ad with additional details to make your ad useful for your audience. Ad with extensions typically increases an ad's click-through rate by several percentage points. Google ads extension includes call button, location information, additional text, links, reviews, etc. 

Some ad extensions are automated, which means Google ads automatically add the extension information to your ad and these include click to call and automated calling, sitelink extensions. Other ad extensions are manual, which means you can choose to customize your ads according to your own decisions.

Here are 10 Google ads extensions you can use for your Google ads

1. Sitelink Extension: 

The very first extension you should know about is the Sitelink extension. Sitelinks are additional links that sit under your primary link.

Sitelink Extension

These additional links redirect to popular pages on your website - may be a blog, shopping page, discount page, contact page, etc.

You can use this extension to encourage the user's to choose where they are like to go instead of having them visit your home page or landing page.

Sitelinks allow you to measure the click going through specific pages on your website to learn even more about customer preferences.

2. Call Extension:

It is important for any business that offers customer support or phone support. 

Call Extension

By adding just this extension you tell your customer that you are just a phone call away, which builds trust.

And this extension helps you to get more phone call inquiries and direct calls.

3. App Extension:

If you are offering an app for your business then this extension is for you.

App Extension

Today, having an app is almost necessary for any serious SaaS or e-commerce company.

And the reason is that browsing on an app is easier than browsing on a mobile website.

If you do have an app, you might want to consider using the Google ads app extension.

4. Review Extension:

Review Extension

You will often see ads displaying gold stars or other rating details. There is good data showing that by including reviews information will increase the success of your campaigns. Google reporting clients experiencing a 19% increase in click-thru rate by including review extensions in your Google Ads.

5. Callout Extension:

Callout extensions allow you to add additional descriptive text in your standard text ads. You can include specific attributes about your business, products, and services that will show below your ad on the Google Search Network.

Callout Extension

They appear like sitelinks, but the difference is they are not clickable. So it’s best to think of them like additional bullet points, little snippets of extra information to help attract searchers.

6. Structured Snippets Extension:

The structured snippet extension offers another opportunity for you to tell searchers what your business sells.

Structured Snippets Extension

The reality is that a lot of times when people see your result, they don’t know who you are, what you’re there for, and how you can help them.

A structured snippet can solve that problem if you use it correctly.

The purpose of the snippet extension is to explain to customers what kind of products, styles, or services you offer.

7. Location Extension:

Including your address in your Google ad result is a great way to show the legitimacy of your business. That means that people are more likely to trust you and your company.

Location Extension

Your business turns from something vague to something personal and real. But people are more comfortable buying from a business that feels real.

It’s really simple to include your address on your google ad, and it’s well worth the trust that you’ll build with searchers.

8. Offer Extension:

Offer extension can help your audience to find out how much discount you are offering on your products and services. 

Offer Extension

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