What Is Remarketing? How Remarketing works? -->

What Is Remarketing? How Remarketing works?

Free Digital World Marketing Article: What Is Remarketing? How Remarketing works?

Remarketing involves targeting customers who have already visited something on your site or shows interest in your products. It offers a means of re-engaging customers who might have been browsing pages on your site but hadn't done the conversion.

What Is Remarketing?

The idea behind remarketing is to reach out to users who already know your brand or products. For that reason, people have much higher chances of converting. 

Some times sales are not the reason behind remarketing. Conversion could mean that they didn’t leave their email or subscribe to your list, follow you on social media, filled out a survey form, etc. You should know that 70-90% of users visit a website and leave without taking action. But you should take benefit of their shown interest in your brand and convert them to come back by using remarketing.

A remarketing program will allow you to track certain pages on your site. This will allow you to identify the customers who spent time on those pages without converting or conversion. For example, many brands will track customer's shopping cart pages, so they can target those who leave their shopping carts.

What are the different types of Remarketing?

There are various types of remarketing that you can use to re-engage their customers online. To understand what is remarketing, experts will need to consider these various options.

Display Ad

One of the most basic types of remarketing includes ad displays for people who have already visited your website. These ads can appear in two main types of platforms.

People who set up their remarketing campaigns through Google Ads will have their remarketing ads seem throughout the Google display network. Remember that Google Ads offers the largest platform for PPC, making it an excellent means of reaching millions of searchers throughout the country and around the world.

You can set up display ads on a number of social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram, for example, both offer their own ad display platforms. Considering that Facebook reaches over a billion people around the world, this also provides a great platform for reaching prospects.

Email Marketing

Email remarketing permits you to target people on your email list. You can create ad campaigns specifically for those who open your emails.

Since the people who open your emails already show their interest in what you have to offer them, using email remarketing helps you keep your brand on their mind.

Search Ads

You can display ads on a search engine. With these remarketing ads, you will be able to target those who have visited your website and are searching for certain terms online. Between these two criteria, you can find potential customers who will be the most interested in learning more about your company with a high degree of accuracy.

Video remarketing

You can also display ads to people on YouTube. People who have visited your channel or your videos can be retargeted through ads while they browse elsewhere on the Google display network.

How does Remarketing work?

If you want to create remarketing campaigns, All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Access your Google AdWords account and get your remarketing tag. This tag is a piece of HTML code that you have to insert into the body of all the pages of your website (before </body>).
  • Create a remarketing list. These are lists made up of all the people who have made a specific action on your website, so you can configure it according to your goals. You can build a list with all your website visitors from the last month, for example, or with all the users who have visited a specific page. 
  • Activate your campaign. Create a new remarketing campaign and target it at one of the lists you have created. You can also play around with normal settings- language, geographic location, bid, etc.
  • Create one or more variations of your ad. If you're just getting started, you can try out different creativities using A/B Testing. It will help you optimize your campaign by sticking with the ones that work best.
  • Your campaign is ready!
How Remarketing works?

How to improve the remarketing campaign?

  • Limit the frequency with which your ads are shown. You want to be sure your messages are received, but you don’t want to overwhelm your users. Use tools to limit how often your ads are shown, and be sure to limit the number of impacts per user.
  • Don’t be afraid to create different lists. Remember: personalization is key! Users visit your website for different reasons and are interested in different things, so the more segments you create, the more you can get it just right.
  • Create specific lists for users who have already purchased. If you create a special list for the users who have viewed the thank you for your purchase page, you can communicate directly with your actual clients. Treat them with discounts and promotions so they feel special.
  • Experiment, measure, repeat. You have a world of analytics tools for your remarketing campaigns, so use them! Establish regular checks, find out which options work best, and start making changes using them. With a bit of practice and patience, you will definitely find the perfect remarketing campaign for your goals.
Remarketing is nothing but retargeting your audiences to increase conversion.

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