How to increase organic traffic on Pinterest? And what are the best Pinterest SEO strategies? -->

How to increase organic traffic on Pinterest? And what are the best Pinterest SEO strategies?

Free Digital World Social Media Artice: How to increase Organic traffic on Pinterest? And what is the best Pinterest SEO Strategy?

Social media platforms play a crucial role to increase web traffic and attract new customers for your business and services.
Pinterest is the Social media platform who has the potential to increase organic traffic on your website, and you can rank your pin on Google by using some tricks on Pinterest.

Pinterest SEO Strategy

There are some facts of Pinterest:

  • Pinterest gets 52% of its traffic from search engines, which shows Pinterest as a whole, plus its pins and boards, rank well in search. Compared to other social media traffic from search, Instagram gets 17%, Twitter gets 15%, and Facebook gets 9%.
  • In the United States, it's estimated that 45% of women, 17% of men, and an average of 35% of people ages 18 - 49 use Pinterest.
  • 93% of active users say they use Pinterest when proposing to make a purchase.
  • Pinterest has considered 880 million visits per month to their website, with 34% from the United States. It's the 40th most popular site globally.

To rank your Pin, Best SEO Strategies are as follows:

Pin Title: Pin Title is the most crucial factor and that is based on most recent you have seen on Pinterest. Pin title must be relevant to your picture and page and the second thing, it must contain valuable information and keywords.

Pinterest SEO Strategy

Pin Description: Pinterest behave more likely a discovery tool for information and inspiration. Pinterest is a very informative social network where you'll get lots of information. Pinterest acts as a visible search engine and millions of people conduct searches to help them plan for their weddings, look for gifts to buy during the holidays, and ideas on how to make their life easier.

Pin description still has a ranking factor. To increase the rank of the pin your must include keywords, valuable information, and hashtags in your description. And like a good blog post, each pin that redirects to your website should have 2-3 keywords in its description.

Board Name & Title: While saving a pin, you always want to make sure that the first board where it goes is:

  1. On your account. It’s not some other user’s board. 
  2. This board has a focus keyword or at least the most compatible board to the content of your pin.
You need to have as many boards that can support the amount of content on your website. 
For each pin which you are saving on Pinterest, you should have at least 5 boards on your account that would be related to it. If you have a lot of content on your site, you will start creating more and more boards which will feed accurately each kind of topic or niche on your site. So you just need to create as many boards that can support each content you have on your site. 
Pinterest says that they don’t mind that you will save the same pin to five different boards but not on the same day. You can save the same thing to five separate boards that are all appropriate and somehow similar to the topic of your pin, and that helps you to rank your pins for different keywords or related keywords and to show it to different types of users.

Board DescriptionWhen you go to your board settings, you will see that the description has a larger field. You can include up to 500 characters. That means you can include as many similar or relevant keywords as you need. 

A lot of people skip board descriptions, but it’s yet another place you can tell Pinterest what your pin is about. You can have so many other related keywords in the board description, compared to the Board title. If you can use it to your advantage, why not?

Use relevant Keywords: The best way to increase the odds of your pins by entering relevant keywords in the pin title, description, and in the board title, description. If you’re trying to reach people who has an interest in travel, then naming your board Travel or Travel Tips will inform Pinterest of the topic. If you try to get clever and name your board Great Adventures of Willy Wonka your chances of showing up are less. 

Valuable Resource:  At the beginning of 2016, Pinterest made an algorithm change that affected how pins are shown to users on their home feed. Pinterest now directs more on showing pins that lead to blog posts and valuable resources like web pages.

Beautiful images that do not lead to a helpful source are being shown less. This generally involves sites like Flickr or uploaded images that don’t direct to any site. 

If your business doesn’t have a blogging segment yet, I strongly support you to create one that has pinnable images. 

Conclusion: If you take care of your content and keywords used for pin title and description or board title and description then Pinterest will help you to attract more traffic.

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