Telegram vs Whatsapp, What are the benefits and drawbacks? -->

Telegram vs Whatsapp, What are the benefits and drawbacks?

Free Digital Marketing Article on Messanger Comparison - Telegram vs Whatsapp - What are the benefits and drawbacks?

Telegram vs Whatsapp

Lots of messaging and chat apps are available, but if privacy and security are your key concerns then the field is narrowed somewhat. Using email and SMS for communication is a pretty insecure option. Both are easily intercepted, and passing through middlemen means there is scope for invasions of privacy. In fact, outside of pretty specialist tools, there are two main players to consider Telegram and Whatsapp.

Benefits of Telegram:

Benefits of Telegram

  • Privacy: While chat with someone, I think in personal life or in business life security is the most important. Telegram offers end-to-end encryption to users. While this is typical of messaging platforms today, Telegram is still a better choice for them who are serious about their privacy. 
  • Secret Chat: Secret chats can only be read by the device from which the message was sent and the device that received it. Even using the same account, it is impossible to read the messages on any other device. Additional security features include notification if a screenshot is taken of a secret message you have sent and a block on the forwarding of such messages. Secret chats can only take place between two people. You can also send self-destructing messages that automatically disappear after some time.
  • Channels: Another unique feature Telegram offers is channels. Channels are basically a feed in which only a set group of users may post, which can serve as a useful and immediate media channel for publishers or content creators. Channels can be either public or private. Public channels make it possible to send messages to very large numbers of people at a time, and they can have an unlimited number of subscribers.
  • Cloud Storage: If you send a lot of files to friends, you might choose Telegram over Whatsapp. All Telegram activity is saved to the cloud, so if you’ve sent an attachment to one contact, you can easily send it to another without having to reupload. Whether in a group chat or a one-to-one, Telegram allows users to share files of up to 1.5GB in size, as well as the usual photo sharing option.
  • Stickers: Telegram has an advantage over WhatsApp in that it supports stickers. Stickers are quickly changing the way we chat, following gifs and emojis. Because communication is skewing more visual each day, Telegram’s sticker support should be attractive to some users.
  • Group Limit: When it comes to group messaging, Telegram supports large groups of up to 200,000 – and it's hard to imagine a scenario in which this would not be enough.
  • Where it wins: Telegram is ideal for those who want lots of file storage, media-rich messages (stickers, gifs, etc.), increased privacy, and access to the channels feature.

Benefits of Whatsapp:

Benefits of Whatsapp

  • Huge Userbase: A messaging service is worth using if there are lots of people to talk to. WhatsApp boasts an impressive 1.3 billion monthly active users, which is far larger than Telegram’s 100 million users.
  • Storage: WhatsApp provides users with a way to backup all their chats on a regular interval. Users can choose to save backups on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis-then view those backups on a storage service like Google Drive. This seamless way of keeping chat records in the cloud is perfect for those who want to archive communications without taking up space on a mobile device.
  • Voice and video calls: WhatsApp provides more tools to communicate with one another. Sure, Whatsapp does support Voice and video calls. Users can also set a personal status in text, a photo, or a 30-second video. WhatsApp also livens things up with formatting, allowing users to use bolt, italic or strikethrough text.
  • Privacy: It does offer end-to-end encryption – you just need to check that it is enabled both at your end and people you chat with – and it is based on the Signal Protocol. WhatsApp says that it does not store any messages on its servers after they have been delivered, but they be retained for up to 30 days until they are retrieved by the recipient.
  • Delivery and read notification: Whatsapp informs the sender about the delivery and reads the status of the other user in time. It shows the double blue tick to the sender to ensure the message read by the reader.
  • Where it wins: WhatsApp’s huge userbase is undoubtedly convenient for those who want to talk to as many of their friends as possible on a single platform. Those who spend a significant time away from wi-fi will also appreciate the low data usage mode for calls.

Business Use of these Apps: Because of channels and large group services telegram is the best for marketing. We can send large size files, photographs, documents, videos on telegram, and because of this feature, we can easily send any service and business details and files. Whatsapp has large audiences means billions of people use WhatsApp for chat and messages so it's straightforward to find people using WhatsApp.

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