FIFA 2020 vs Cricket 2019 International Edition PS4 game

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FIFA 2020 and Cricket 2019 grab the attention of youngsters and teens. Billions of people follow FIFA and cricket sports, mainly youngsters. FIFA and cricket have a huge fan following around the world. They like to play these games on the ground but more than the ground they like to play these games on TV and Computers. Because their role model and idol's visual replica playing on their command. 

FIFA latest launch FIFA 2020 video game for PS4, Xbox, and computer.
This version has many new features like:
  • FOOTBALL-INFORMED MOTION: Realistic ball movement with more real spins and bounces creates a true-to-life match experience in FIFA 20.
  • NEW SHOT TRAJECTORIES: Curling shots. Dipping free kicks. Knuckleballs. First-time intensifying strikes. All made possible by the new Ball Action System in FIFA 20.
  • AI DEFENDING OVERHAUL: Win it back with better-guarded support from AI-controlled players via a modernized positioning and tackling system.
  • NATURAL PLAYER MOTION: Experience more natural and practical movement all over the pitch with variations in player motion and positioning.

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In the year 2019, Crieckrt International Edition launches a new version 2019 

Key features in Cricket 19 include:
  • Lead your nation to world glory: Tackle the ultimate challenge on one-day cricket, with a full ten-team international ODI championship mode allowing the best teams in the world to duke it out. In the mood for the short format? You can create your own T20 matches and tournaments, too.
  • All-new scenario mode: Recreate your favorite matches in history through Big Ant Studios’ famed association features. Create match situations that allow a player to jump into a memorable match at any point. Use this form to create a dramatic test match, in which a historical team was able to chase down an absurd total, or grind out a draw from a horrible situation, and then share your creations online to challenge friends to re-create (or change) history.
Alternatively, recreate your local club’s glorious victory in the local competition final. Build your local field in the stadia creator, and recreate all the players that participated on the day. Cricket 19 supports authentic cricket action right down to the club level.
  • Rich career mode: Take control of a junior player just entering club cricket, and develop them into one of the biggest players in the sport – conceivably even captaining their country. Develop the player however you like, and perform well, so the news headlines compose your praises, permitting you to earn lucrative sponsorship deals and catch the notice of selectors!
  • Enhanced, intelligent AI: Cricket 19’s AI will generate strategies to attack your weaknesses, and target them with razor-sharp precision. When batting, the AI will rotate the strike to guard weaker players, and actively look for gaps in the field to target. When bowling, the AI will come up with plans of attack and adhere to them with discipline.
With heightened mechanics handling edges, fielding in the outfield, and batting against spin bowlers, underpinned by near real-world physics, Cricket 19 is truly the next level of cricket simulation.

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Ratings of both games according to my use:

Out of 10
Out of 10

FIFA 2020
Cricket 2019

Enjoy these games both games are amazing.

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