How to get free SSL certificate for website lifetime?

Free Digital World web security article: Free SSL Secure Sockets Layer certificate for Website Security Cloudflare

SSL is very important for website security and privacy and to rank your website on SEO SSL is necessary because if your site is not secure then the Search engine does not allow in the Search engine result page. And along with SSL secure your website from hackers and viruses. Read the full article to know about SSL and how you get SSL free from Cloudflare.

Today, In this digital world if you are a businessman or an entrepreneur to grow your business or services your online presence is necessary. To make your business more visible online definitely you need to develop a website or web application. And suppose you created a website or web application for your business or services, but the work is not completed yet. 

After creating a great website the most important thing is security. Yes, web security because your website contains lots of valuable information like your personal data, website content, customer's data, transactions, etc. 

In the internet world, there are many hackers and third-party agents are waiting to hack a website and collect all valuable data from the website. They'll use your data for an unlawful act and this is called cybercrime. Cybercrime is a very common activity that hackers are doing, For example: If you are purchasing something from an online website and the website is not secure, then while doing transaction all your payment information must be captured by any hacker. And they'll use your information for any illegal activity. This will make an impact on your website, people will start to avoid your website.  

Now the question is "how will we make our website more secure?".

And the answer is "SSL- Secure Socket Layer", Let see how?

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This secure link ensures that all data transferred remains private. It’s also called TLS (Transport Layer Security). Millions of websites use SSL encryption every day to secure connections and keep their customer’s data safe from monitoring and tampering.

Why the use of SSL?

Every single website on the Internet should be served over HTTPS, Get your secure website with free HTTPS.
Here’s why:

  • Performance: Website performance is the speed at which pages are downloaded or displayed on the user's web browsers. Faster website's download speed satisfies the user and attracts more audiences. Modern SSL can actually improve page load times. SSL improves your website performance and helps you to reach your target. 
  • Search Ranking Boost: Everyone wants their website on the top Search engine result page. Bur for improving SEO rank you need to make your website secure. Because if your website is not secure then search engines will not rank your website on the Search engine result page. Search engines favor HTTPS websites. SSL certificates help you to increase the rank of your website.
  • Security: SSL's main motto is to provide everyone a secure website. Encrypting traffic with SSL ensures nobody can snoop on your user's data. User's data security is the first priority for SSL, It makes a transaction more secure and protects data from hackers. 
  • Trust: The secure website wins the trust of users. By displaying a green lock in the browser’s address bar, SSL increases the visitor’s trust.
  • Regulatory Compliance: SSL is a key component in PCI compliance.

How to get free SSL Cloudflare?

Websites and applications require the resilience and intelligence of a scalable network to combat the biggest and newest attacks. It’s important to ensure that performance is never sacrificed for security and that systems have easy setup and configuration, avoiding configuration errors that can introduce security vulnerabilities. 

Cloudflare’s 194 data center Anycast network with 30 Tbps capacity can defend against volumetric attacks 15x bigger than the largest DDoS attack ever recorded. By observing over 10 trillion requests per month — Internet requests for ~10% of the Fortune 1,000 run through Cloudflare’s network — Cloudflare proactively defends against threats by learning from attacks targeting 20,000,000 Internet properties on its network.

Setting up Cloudflare takes as little as 5 minutes. Cloudflare’s ease of use enables companies to expand Internet security policy responsibilities across more employees, reduce time to deploy new policies, and improve timely adjustments to the security posture of complex applications.
Cloudflare removes the need to sacrifice performance for security. Instead of decreasing performance, Cloudflare’s security features can increase application performance because of low-latency security services integrated with traffic acceleration.

You can do set up a Cloudflare SSL certificate for WordPress. There are many WordPress plugins are available which connect SSL certificate to your Wordpress websites. If you want to change your plans and want to get a premium SSL certificate then its very easy to remove your free SSL from Free Setup.

Steps to register for free SSL:
  1. Go to Cloudflare website CLICK HERE
  2. Register on Cloudflare. 
  3. Click on add New website, and enter your website click on the submit button.
  4. Copy name server from Cloudflare and enter into your domain DNS name server.
  5. Activate your service and wait for 24 hrs. Because Cloudflare takes time to approve your service.
  6. After approval enjoys your secure website.
Apart from free SSL certificates, Cloudflare has many products for an advanced and standard website. Cloudflare offers all these products at very cheap prices. 

Now enjoy your free SSL for your web service. For any doubt please contact me at

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