Facebook Marketing free course certification and How Facebook ads works? -->

Facebook Marketing free course certification and How Facebook ads works?

Digital Marketing Free Course: Facebook Marketing Free course and certification from the Facebook blueprint and Facebook ads marketing tips.

           In the previous blog, we discussed How facebook promotion works and how it's different from Facebook Ads. To get more information about Facebook promotion Click here. In this blog, I'll guide you "What is a Facebook ad?", "How Facebook ads different from facebook promotion?", "How to get Facebook Marketing certification free?" First We focus on "What is a Facebook ad?" and "How Facebook ads different from facebook promotion?".

Facebook Ads:

Facebook Advertisement is the most advanced way to advertise, for advertising first you need a Facebook ad manager account. Facebook ads offer the greatest number of options for the advertiser, the type of ads you choose is basically depends on your Business Goal. These options include likes to click on the website, app installs, website conversion, event response, local business awareness, video view, etc. It is a targeted campaign design to help you meet your specific marketing objectives. Once a specific goal has been defined, you are ready for both general marketing plans and run an individual campaign. 

Facebook Ad manager provides advanced targeting options including, but not limited to hobbies, buying patterns, interest, demographics, location. After a targeted audience chosen, you have to decide the budget for your campaign and need to create valuable content like a picture, video, etc. The main benefit of the campaign is, it contains multiple ad groups and multiple ads. 

Facebook Ads, whether there are in-stream video ads or brand promotions posted in the news feed, can be used to target very specific audiences in order to reach your marketing objectives. For successful Facebook ads, the first thing you have to decide is your business Goal, if your business goal is ready then Facebook ads always ready to find targeted audiences.

After the tie-up with Instagram, Facebook ads display the ads on Instagram as well. The ads can be displayed in stories, posts, news feeds. 

To get more details about Facebook Marketing Click here. Here Facebook Blueprint provides a learning path to develop your skills.

"How to get Facebook Marketing certification free?" 

As we discussed earlier, Facebook provides a learning path to develop your skills. You just have to follow the guideline and the instruction on a learning path. Facebook Blueprint has many courses related to Facebook and Instagram marketing. The course is so knowledgable and beautifully explained, and the content like pictures, videos, links are very valuable.

The Facebook Blueprint is easily accessible, you just have to log in with your Facebook id. If you were not used Facebook before then first you have to register on Facebook. The Facebook blueprint also has some certification courses related to Facebook Marketing and that is free of cost. For a free certification course click here.

If you believe in self-learning then Facebook Bluprint is the right platform to boost your skills.

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